Tidewater Waterproof Decking


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There are a variety of applications for a waterproof deck. Below you will find three methods of waterproofing that we offer at Gallop Roofing & Remodeling – PVC systems, Sleeper systems and Coating systems. If you would like more information about the benefits of a waterproof deck in the Tidewater area, we would love to provide you with a Free No-Hassle Consultation and Written Quote

Waterproof PVC Membrane Deck Surface

PVC waterproof decks are a great decking solution on the Outer Banks because they are designed to be installed on some of our favorite locations – roof decks, balconies, around hot tubs or pool decks. We proudly install PVC waterproof decking solutions by IB Roof Systems and Duradek. PVC waterproof deck systems are available in a variety of color and texture options. For more information on Waterproof PVC deck systems, click the links below or give us a call at (800) 653-9306.

Waterproof Sleeper Deck System

A “Sleeper” deck system is a standard wood or composite deck system built over a flat roof or a porch that has been waterproofed using a PVC or TPO membrane. This gives the appearance of a wood deck and the functionality of a waterproof system protecting the area beneath from water intrusion.

Waterproof Coating Deck System

We use a PremiumCoat® system by HydroStop Inc. to create a waterproof barrier on a deck or roof. The PremiumCoat® system is renewable by recoating every five years and if it is damaged it can be easily repaired. TrafficCoat abrasion resistant coating can be applied over the system to provide a tough, easy-to-clean surface.

Also, check out this Vinyl Railing System as the perfect accessory to your waterproof deck system.