As you know, we had contracted with Gallop Roofing in the past for minor roof repairs caused by storm damage and were very satisfied with the work that had been done on those occasions. So, when we continued to experience a persistent leak, we called on Gallop to investigate the problem. While we were, of course, hoping for a minor repair, it became evident that we were dealing with serious hidden damages to our home. Because of our past experiences with Gallop, we were confident in the advice we were receiving from you as to the direction that we should proceed to solve the problem.

Living on Hatteras Island and working in Property Management, we are very familiar with the phrase “island time”. We have dealt with companies who are not very timely with their response. So, it is quite refreshing to deal with a company that is very prompt to respond and whose workers come to work on time each day and put in a full days work…qualities shared by all the employees we dealt with at Gallop.

It is not without hesitation that we entrust the keys to our home to someone with whom we have very limited history. It became necessary to do just that, however, during the course of the project when we had to go out of town on two different occasions. I guess that sometimes you just have a feeling of confidence that you are dealing with a trustworthy person and that is the confidence level we had in your foreman, David Rule. Every step of the way David was a gentleman, always willing to answer our questions and keep us informed. His co-workers, Dominic Piosczyk, Kain Slowikowski, Todd Wolff, and Robert Spencer were polite and hard working, dealing with less than ideal conditions as they completed this job during one of the hottest summers that we can rememeber since moving to Hatteras Island. All of the men are certainly an asset to Gallop. We hope that you will share this letter with them and also express our appreciation to them.

While it was not “good news” to hear that our home, built in 1998, had to undergo such extensive repair, it was a blessing to be dealing with a company that allows us to have the confidence that the job was completed properly and, most importantly, a company that will be there to answer the phone after the final check has been cashed.

Frank, thank you very much. You are a true professional.

Bill and Roxanne,