As you know, your company recently stripped the old shingles from the roof of our house in Hatteras and installed new shingles.

We are quite satisfied with your company, the workers who did the work and with their workmanship.

Before work started, at the outset of our discussions, I appreciated your professional manner and, in particular, your prompt response to my many questions.

Your men arrived on the day and at the time you said they would. They began work right away. Each man knew what he was to do and did that portion of the total job. There was care and attention to detail, such as the placement of the ‘ice and water’ layer along the roof edges and in the valleys and the aluminum trim a the roof edges.

I really appreciated the clean up after the project. They picked up all the pieces of old shingles from our yard and the neighbor’s. They went over the ground below the house with powerful magnets to gather all the nails that were loosened when the old shingles were removed. I checked that work with my own magnet and found no nails. The large dumpster was removed within an hour after their last visit.

The man who ran the crew, Angel, was polite and patient with my efforts to remove and later remount the solar collectors. The two men who you went to specifically help with that procedure, Tucker and Marvin, were very helpful. There is no way that I could have performed that task without that help.

Thank you for running your business in a professional way and for retaining good employees.